Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dear Mom and Family,                                                                                                   July 9, 2013
My first day here was one thing after another. since the fourth celebration was the next day we had to do all of our orientation in that first day when normally it's done in two. the hardest thing was the fact that my shoes, new with heat and sweat combined together...gave me blisters. and i've never had blisters before. which i thought honestly was funny. until i actually looked at them. those things are gross. bleh.  The girls in my room {S Hauet - meu companhiera, S Mills e S Cotton} all helped me figure out the best way to make it so i could walk because i was literally limping by the end of the day. the next day was so bad i cried. then i prayed and i don't know why but i thanked God for my blisters, because i felt so weak and humble because of them. it was a beautiful experience.
My district is WONDERFUL. E Carney is the district leader and SO incredibly smart. he's blond but has a red patch of hair. he and i bounce off a lot with spiritual comments, and i absolutely love it. he's from Colorado. E Thomas is E Carney's sr comp and is also from Colorado. He's hilarious and acts like all of ours little brother {although he didn't like it whent i told him that ha} He has a sense of humor too. Then there is E McLaughlin and E Wilson - they are both very quiet honestly but great guys. i don't know them very well but E Wilson kind of reminds me of how dad would have been on a mission and E McLaughlin is just... nice {as S Cotton who is from the south would say - Bless his Heart}. E Turk and E Frazier are amazing too. E Turk and I kind of have a lot in common - we spent quite a while talking about plays before one classroom time, he's also the oldest at 21, he was in the army and has a very sweet spirit. E Frazier sounds like one of the ninja turtles although no one but me can hear it.  He's also very interested in politics and likes to sing {oh as do Es Carney and Thomas and Turk}. S Mills is like mom with no comfort zone at all and twice as friendly ...i love her so - she's also very uplifting to be around and a VERY distinct laugh haha. S Cotton is probably one of the sweetest girls i have ever met. she looks kinda like Megan but acts with the grace of gramdma A haha. we all love her accent especially "water". (: she was the one who helped me the most with my blisters. she's like the quiet mom of our group, although S Mills is definitely the "leader".
my compy gets her own paragraph! (: tall beatiful red head who i have never seen unhappy, although she tells me i am usually the external manifest of what she is feeling {overwhelmed, scared, sick to my stomach, confused...etc hahaha} although i can't say either of us have been homesick yet. she's from logan and did swim, and she thinks she may know seths' family up there - the Pecks. could you add us on facebook Lo? her name is Rachael Hauet and she went to Logan high school. she also wants to be a marine biologist and i told her since seth didn't teach me how to swim that she needs to (: but obviously not for another 18 months. we love each other - we seriously have more things in common than you can possibly imagine. she is also a 19er, loves musicals, dr who, humor, cello, music....gah. it's awesome. we really get each other. she also reminds me of a mix of Kels and Lo. (: probably why i love her. 
Anyway i better finish up yikes!
Everyone here is so beautiful, the devotionals and meetings are all so life changing. i've probably cried every single day but because every day is so long it doesn't really feel like that. :P i love having elders and sisters in my district as well, young and old {Es McLaughlin, Wilson and Frazier are all 18, the other two are 19 and turk is 21} S Mills' family i believe will be posting pictures she sends and you can see them then {sorry, i didn't have time for pictures today but i will try next time, it's hard to find a computer fast enough to do it and still write an email and still do everything else needing to be done. it may take a while.......} my teacher Irmao McGill is inspired of the Lord. I don't know how it's possible but i feel as though i have learned a third of what i learned those three months in spanish in only one week with him. if not more. it's crazy. he also talked to S Hauet and I yesterday and we discussed some of the difficulties we've been having and he left a note on our desks this morning and it was just very uplifting and inspiring. each and every teacher here is the right one for those people in that district, it's so incredilbe how things just work out like that here in the MTC, or i guess...anywhere.
so much to tell you! I thought i had bed bugs but no, we checked and it wasn't and i'm okay now. just a small rash. i have also learned to take even faster showers than i was expecting. there is a whole floor of girls to only eight showers every morning. talk about stress to wake someone up haha. Lo if you can take a shower in 5-10 min you will be set though. S Hauet and I have been running and doing core. mom if you could maybe explain a workout? we need more ideas, things that don't include stress on the shoulders because S Hauet had an injury and can't do those. i will be VERY in shape by the time i leave ha. it's beautiful here as well. oh and send me a frisbee! we can't play ultimate but we can toss it and i miss it (:
i love you all so much! next time i will try and do better to tell you what spiritual things i am learning. also let everyone know DEAR ELDER is amazing and it's the best way, because then i can also write you a handwritten letter {i get those in person the day after you send them i believe, and keep dating them because they don't. in fact tell dad to do it, i would LOVE that} also i need Kaytlyn's PHYSICAL address and email. thanks!
I love you all so much! The phrase that keeps going through my head today is that "I can do hard things" i don't know where it's from but it is so true! I love you all, thank you for your love and support and if you write me I WILL write you back. it's like in the Joseph Smith film where and he says to one guy, the Lord brings us low so that we can rise higher or something to that effect. I hope and believe that is true with all my heart. I have learned the beauty of humility this week.
Love and Safety to you, m beautiful family {and HUGS! lots of them}
Sister Kaylla White

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