Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FAMILY!!!                                                                                                                                         8-19-13

Heavens, do you know how much i love you!? please always remember that i love you, each and every one of you more than you can ever imagine.

Arizona is hot!!! most days it is about 105-115....and that 105 is a good day. it is so hot that their fire hydrants are silver so they don't explode. crazy right? My first day here at least three people told me that in Arizona "everything is dead or wants you dead" and it is so true! and then the worst part of it is that everything is brown. my first day here it was so bad that i wrote in my journal "the ground is brown, the trees are brown, the people are brown...the houses are brown and even the sky is brown!" ps i wasn't trying to be racist - it's true. and you'd think that somewhere so ugly the houses wouldn't be brown but they literally try to match the ground in all their coloring. it's horrid. and then they don't have grass. everyone landscapes with gravel. different colored gravel is about as creative as you can get. and just wait till i tell you about the cacti! {ps cactus = one poky weed and cacti = more than one poky weed!}

so my companions are Sister Foss from Burlington Washginton and Sister Magallanes {mag-ah-zsh-ahn-ess} from Taylorsville utah but her family is from Venesuala and she is fluent in Spanish. I LOVE THEM TO DEATH! we seriously get along really well, like 97% of the time we are rockking the tri-panionship! S Mags and I have a ton in common too - in fact we have a plan to go on a road trip when we get back to go visit s Foss in Washington and see seattle because it's awesome (: i'm so excited. i love these girls. we made dinner and it was the best. i wish i had enough time to tell you everything about it! gah.
In our companionship we have this joke {that i started yay!} where one of us will say "how many sisters does it take to -----" it's kind of based off of the how many something does it take to screw in a light bulb joke- anyway we replace lightbulb with whatever we're doing whether it's easy or hard and then the other two will shout "THREE!" because we all love our three-some.

also in Arizona it's a big thing to know your cacti so they were teaching me. suhuaros take 90 YEARS to grow and arm and are illegal to cut down here in AZ. you have to landscape or build your house around them. i don't know why but some people even plant them. yuck. they're the creepy ones too....S Foss thinks they are beautiful in an odd way and i can kind of see it but then...NOT. then there are Prickly Pears! MOM! you should try and get some prickly pear syrup! i had it at my first breakfast at the mission home and it was the BEST SYRUP i have EVER HAD. it's just as sweet but much lighter than maple and not gross like fruit syrups. i'll bet money that it's healthier too. in order to make it they have to peel away the prickles to the fruit and because it's so hard it is expensive so don't buy a lot but just enough to try it. it's WONDERFUL. then there's paddle cacti which are ugly and flat. then my LEAST FAVORITE THAT I AM TERRIFIED OF: Choyas....i don't know if that's how you spell it but they SHOOT POKY BALLS OF HECK at you. no joke. and they are ALL OVER THE PLACE. worst thing ever. S Foss says that AZ is Heavenly Father's TIME OUT place for his children....i'm willing to agree. oh and as a mental image: TATOINE from star wars!!! (:

One of our investigators named Virginia we're trying to get her to stop smoking. she has this adorable 9mnth baby and we love them both so much. she didn't come to church though and she wont stop smoking so if she doesn't keep her commitments this week we will have to move on.......that makes me sad. but she's been responding more to our messages. i think they are helping and i think that after last night {we are now all reading the BoM in two weeks! and me in Port. so pray for me !!!}she will begin to realize the truth and how she needs now to act. she has faith...she just needs action. it's incredible to be doing this for real now. it's crazy.

Also we have a baptism this Saturday! hopefully.....hopefully she won't get worse.. she's about 45 but looks 70 and she's been in the hospital. i've only met her once it's that bad. we're praying for her though and i know the Lord will bless her for her faith.

oh funny story (: on our way to the Mission Home I asked the APs which way was North and they couldn't figure it out...We're in the middle of nowhere! they've been here 17 and 22 months. hopefully i'll be able to find my way around soon. i get lost a lot. also i am in an area called Sahuarita(sp?} it's about 30-45 min from the border on the southeast end of AZ. and my area is Midvale. just in case you were wondering.
You met elder wilson!!! haha he would say that. [He told Aaron and Megan that Kaylla was very opinionated] good. glad i made an impression. its true though. oddly enough. if you see any of the others tell them i say hi!!! and that i am ROCKING IT IT AZ!

Woot Woot for Meg's pig! [Megan's pig won in the state fair they attended] that's awesome and the pictures are adorable! i love the one of Halle (: she's so adorable! and i love the picture of all three of my big brothers (: i have some DARN HANDSOME brothers. (: we must be related ;P hehehehe. and yah! kakakaka is how brazilians spell laughter (: it's awesome. S mags (Sister mags) wants me to teach her Portuguese (: i love her!!!

oh! my address is:
Sister McKaylla White
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 W. Chapala Dr.
Tucson AZ, 85704

PS - You thought Utah construction was bad? come to AZ and you will be thankful.

and now for a spiritual thought! (: I think that maybe the reason that the Lord has sent me here is to learn something that i can only learn here. personally i think i am here to learn to be more courageous. to learn how to talk to everyone. Already S Mags is an incredible example. she is fearless! i want to be better than her by the time i leave. ALSO because of that thought...i think the Lord will keep my VISA waiting until i have learned that. so i'm going to make myself learn my lessons quick!!!

i came at the perfect time btw. zone conference this week and temple trip next week. so blessed. God loves me. (:

ANYWAY. gotta go. I love you all! thanks for all your love and prayers and the pictures!

all my love (:
Sister {Kaylla} WhiteFAMILY!!!


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