Tuesday, June 11, 2013

of { M I S S I O N S } and { M E N }

first i'd like to state this: it really is the first priority of women to begin a family.

that being said, it is also the place of a woman to be completely devoted to the Lord and when He says "go" you go and when He says "stay" you stay. and either way, you endure and as i believe Pres. Hinckley stated, enjoy! the Lord wants each of His children to be happy, and just as every good father here on earth has a special place in his heart for his little girls, so does our Father in heaven. He only wants what is best for you.

so. if a righteous young man comes along who is worthy, who you are attracted to and who has expressed interest in you as well...in my opinion, i believe it should become a matter of prayer with your Father. don't be so set on serving the Lord in the way you think He needs you that you lose track of the whole reason woman was created. to be a help meet for man.

everything is a matter of prayer when it comes to missions.

now on to juicy-er topics!

are you waiting for a missionary? are you asking a missionary to wait for you? {i've been both places by the way} and both times when i took it to the Lord, it was confirmed to me that it was not right. and good thing i listened! now this was a completely personal experience, i know that. but i would like to caution my fellow sisters: don't let your heart be so in love with a man that you can't truly love the Lord. the Lord and His will should always be your priority. if the young man cannot except that, then he or you or both of you need to consider where your priorities are, who you are truly worshiping and why you are choosing to serve in the first place.

then another thing that i heard recently and absolutely LOVED! i had never thought about it or even realized it until a fellow sister mentioned this in her blog {read HERE, she's amazing by the way} and i'd like to re-iterate. if you are "waiting" or whatever you want to call it {"we're not waiting for each other, we just plan on both being single after our missions and both love each other very much"}, he is not "your missionary".


ever since i read that, i've heard it everywhere! and let me explain why it bothers me now. the word "your" is possessive. but whoever he is, he is not teaching your gospel, he is teaching HIS. putting it simply. you shouldn't even be a real focus in his mission {i'm sorry! i know it hurts! i've been there, am there in a sense too}. so anyway...just no.

not planning on serving a mission? take note of the influx of men that come when you decide and do turn in your papers. my best advice? if you like him...go on a date! dating is fun! and doesn't have to mean any more than that if you don't want it to. if however he is in-active or creepy or has ill-intentions...steer clear. please please please steer clear. i wish i had had someone who could warn me about this. since i turned in my papers i have had two guys ask for my number {which never happens by the way} one of whom was very determined and even stalked me at work for a while, two amazing young men who sadly weren't active became interested in possibly dating {short-lived both of them, sadly at the cost of at least one good friendship} and a few other encounters which resulted in seemingly harmless flirting but had my heart confused for a while each time {guys are devious but wonderful creatures...}

but my point is. don't be distracted by all the fish in the sea. sharks are fish too. if it is right, then the Lord will confirm it to you.

that's all i have to say on the matter for now. hope i didn't offend {if i did, know that i was only speaking from my heart and i didn't mean for any of it to be hurtful or rude.} i love you all {especially any fellow sisters out there preparing to serve, despite any issues dealing with them boys}

{ c i a o ! }

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