Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{ t h e y } THAT BE WITH { u s }

{just a small thought i'd like to share...}

every time i go through the temple now recently i am reminded of that scripture in 2 Kings 6:16 : "...Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them." and i have this image of my head that although the temple sometimes doesn't look all that full, in reality it is jam packed with angels.

my family did family names on my mom's side of the family this passed week. it was an incredible experience, especially since my mom's dad and grandpa were among the names along with the {however many} greats grandmas that both me and my sister are named after.

it felt like...a family reunion. and i felt their presence there so incredibly strongly that i nearly cried. listening as my father was confirmed in proxy for my grandpa who i never knew...it felt as if someone in the room were literally singing as loudly as possible, not caring as to whether or not he was in tune...simply the pure joy of the experience and he could no longer hold in his excitement.

i've often wondered if the veil between this earth and our life and friends who haven't come or have already passed on is quite thin there in the temple. now i know it. it seems so obvious to me now, i almost wonder at my having not known that it would be that way.

and it is so beautiful.

this gospel is true, and as i see it work miracles and bring happiness and peace...over and over again i am reminded as to why i am going on this mission to Brazil. it's to share this beauty, this gift with all those who are ready, who are searching and yearning for it...who somehow know it's there...just haven't yet understood. like me and my new understanding of the company we have while in the temple...

they just needed the right epiphany and the right moment.

all my love,


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