Thursday, June 13, 2013

From the Land of { W A R D R O B E }

{please take note of the awesome tan-line on my feet}

so these are some of my outfits. i haven't counted number of shirts or skirts or dresses but i do know that so far it ALL only takes up about half of my big suitcase {which i have to tell you...i fit inside!}

which happily means that i will be able to go to brazil with only two suitcases, a backpack and handbag. this fact makes me very happy - as my brother was kind enough to inform me that americans are a joke in brazil. apparently the ones who come with three suitcases are spoiled rotten, because no one in brazil has that kind of money. at this point in my mission preparation journey, i'm finding it hard to believe that people really have enough stuff to bring three suitcases. { H O W ? } what in the world are they even bringing?!

no offense intended of course sisters. it's just my opinion that we're not going to a fashion show, we're teaching the gospel and as such....unless you're going to washington d.c. and need to look businesslike...a little restraint is probably wise.

anyway! { C I A O ! }


Linds said...

Where dis you get your clothes?? I'm struggling with skirts.

kaylla said...

a couple of them i've had for a long time, they lasted through my older sister like the two tan colored ones but the dark green one and polka-dotted skirts i got from Sister Mish Mall, and then the navy and pink floral one i bought at downeast. i'm pretty short so skirts are easier for me to find, but if you're taller then i'd recommend Sis. Mish Mall because most of their skirts are super long and they will tailor things for you as well for only like $5 i believe. good luck sister! (:

Brittani Bills said...

i love this picture of you in your suitcase. kaylla you are absolutely adorable.